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I am happily divorced and I have one grown son, Jason, who has blessed me with three granddaughters, Macaella, Taylor and Morgan. I am adopting Macaella's half-brother, Dillan, and Macaella and Dillan live with me now. My son got remarried in 2012 and now I have three new grandsons, Matt, Tyler and Kaleb. See Family Pictures.

I guess I have lived a pretty unusual life by most people's standards, but I don't think my goal in life was ever to be "usual." In fact, I am often asked how I got to be so odd when people first meet me. I wrote a book about the rainforest and it's wealth of medicinal plants which came out in 2004. The publisher (who asked me the same question) asked me to write an introduction to the book that tried to explain how I got to be so odd, unusual, weird, abbynormal... call it what you will. If you'd like to read it, you can follow this link to read the book introduction which tries to explain why I am on the path I am today and how I got there.

I have a gift with animals, especially birds.
The pictures below is an anaconda... not much like the movie, huh?
If you want to see the biggest anacondas I've seen off the movie screen
(and definitely would NOT wrap around my neck!!)
click here or on the BIG GREEN SNAKE below.


Below are wild capuchin monkeys who'll do just about anything for a ripe banana.
Then there are the monkeys that REALLY like me...
The one wrapped around my head below is a grey wooley
monkey and on my lap is a baby howler monkey.

The Indian shamans I worked with in the Amazon tell me that I have animal and bird spirits that guide and assist me in my life and my work which is why birds are drawn to me and even wild animals approach me. Who knows? It has certainly come in handy when meeting an Indian tribe for the first time on the "impressive factor" to get their attention of my "power" when all the animals in the village end up in my lap! Especially since I had to overcome the fact that I am a white American woman and as such, of much lower status. But, meeting wild animals and birds in my jungle jaunts was one of my more favorite things. The big bird below is a wild Maribou Stork in Africa, the rest are parrots and toucans in the South American rainforests.

In 2012. I officially retired and now live on a farm in central Texas. I built my son and my mother houses on the farm and am surrounded by family and grandkids now. I am having fun playing in the dirt growing organic vegetables, herbs, and medicinal plants (yes, even some Amazon ones!) and have acres of gardens, orchards, and berries. I am also raising my own organic beef and pork (miniature Irish Dexter Cows and mammoth Red Wattle Hogs... they are both about the same size!). While maybe not as adventurous as treking in the jungles, it's a great lifestyle!

If you want to know more about rainforests or see more of my Amazon rainforest pictures... head on over to the Rainforest Stuff Page. If you're wondering what I did in the Amazon (besides play) and to see more pictures of the Indian Tribes I worked with, visit the Company Stuff Page.

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