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Who knew what a time consuming process writing a book really is? Not me for sure! With all the other things I have going on running a business and travelling as I do, it was a chore at times finding the time to write. But... I obviously found the time to write two books. My friends and family tell me I work too much, but when you really love what you do its not hard to do it a lot!

The main reason I wrote these books was to educate people how they could positively affect their health with the highly effective medicinal plants I've discovered in the rainforests. These plants have been the only medicines that rainforest inhabitants have used for centuries where drugstores, hospitals and pharmaceuticals are virtually non-exisitent. When more people in developed countries learn about the benefits of these important sustainable rainforest resources, viable consumer markets will be created for them. These markets offer the financial solution and incentive to stop destroying the rainforest for timber and preserve it for the long-term profits of wildharvesting these renewable resources that need the jungle canopy to grow and flourish. It is my hope that people reading my books will learn that they can not only positively affect their own health, but the health and continuance of the rainforest itself with the wonderful rainforest plants that are found in these books.

These books encompass over 10 years of my reseach on the plants of the Amazon jungles. It has been a real adventure and learning experience. Early on, just the logistics of documenting plant uses with indigenous tribes, shamans, herbalists and just about anyone who ever used a plant for anything in the jungle was a learning experience in itself. Laptop computers ended up jammed with "no-see-um" bugs which I learned loved the whirr of little motors. Not to mention the laptop that is still in the bottom of the Amazon River somewhere (Lesson one: when learning to paddle an indigenous canoe - put the laptop in another boat. Lesson two: Laptops sink incredibly fast). Rain-drenched paper notebooks with ink flowing off the pages with water and sweat went the same way of that laptop at times (Lesson three: Pencils are better in the rainy jungle than pens). Batteries to power video cameras and voice recorders I learned have about a third of the life in the jungle as they do anywhere else.

Life's little jungle lessons can be endless... or is that rentless? Now as a veteran jungletrekker (and stockholder of ziplock baggies and moisture gel-paks) the process isn't as painful (or expensive) as it once was. I am pleased and excited to be able to share my knowledge and experiences with you in these books.

My First Book

This book was first published in October, 1998 by Prima Publishing Inc. and has been reprinted 4 times. You can also see a sample chapter of the book here.

My Second Book

This book was published by Square One Publishers, Inc. in March 2005. It is available to purchase from Raintree Nutrition here or look for it a or your local bookstore. A PDF sample of the book (about one plant in the book: the Amargo tree) is also available here. If you're interested, you can read the introduction to the book which tells my personal story here.

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